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Excursee is an innovative travel aggregator platform, to plan and organise travel efficiently. The key value what Excursee offers is, travelers can explore, plan and book the best suitable destination based on their preferred choice of experiences, choice of themes, place and point of interest, and also share and discuss plans with co-travelers.

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Problem Statement

All available travel aggregating platforms doesn’t allow users to explore the destination based on the experiences they want.With the recent survey conducted by the major travel aggregation companies, 65% of the travelers prefers to explore places based on the experiences but there is nothing as such yet and also where we can plan, book and share the itineraries with the co-travelers.This challenge created an opportunity for this platform.

User Research

User surveys were conducted to understand how the user travels and to identify their needs and pain points.

1. What age group do you fall under?
2. Who do you generally go on vacation trips with?
3. How often do you take vacations?
4. What websites do you use to plan vacations?
5. What do you like and dislike about those websites?
6. What are the biggest challenges that you face while planning a vacation trip?
7. What are your suggestions to overcome those challenges?
8. How often do you change plans while you are on a vacation trip? If yes, then what are the reasons behind those changes?

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User Personas

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We performed user testing with different users on the wireframes and on observing we integrated changes considering usability as a primary goal in visual design phase.


Excursee solves some of the crucial problems faced by travelers.

It has an algorithm that identifies all tours, experiences, activities, entrances, passes in a city based on your interest, and your travel theme for you in a very convenient manner.

It helps in organizing your travel, bookings and scheduling for limited time that you have on your trip efficiently.

It provides a feature to build your own day-by-day single city or multi-city plan in just minutes and organize the place of interest, points of interests, experiences, bookings, etc. all in one place.

What’s more? You can share and discuss your plans with co-travelers who can dynamically amend plans or make recommendations. No peskier WhatsApp notifications in office from that overly excited friend of yours coming along about that other place he wants to go to!

Color palette

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Visual design

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