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Influence of sound in design, UX Design.

Sound is an amazing thing to engage the user in the interaction design. The recent update of Apple, if you have observed the recent interaction with notification especially in 3D Touch and/or Haptic, feels like they pulled out off you’re subconscious brain and put it in there. Use your headphones to listen to it loud and clear.

The notification is where mostly the sound is used and it informs us something related to the message or event. different sounds have different feedback.

Some most important things that we do just by considering sound is the payment done over a mobile app and we wait for the message to receive even though the payment is done and shown over the app, we wait for that message sound to hear both by the payee and payer. We confirm the payment is received by the sound and not by reading the message.

The sound helps us to recognize the brand as well. Every brand has a unique tone and on listing to the tune we can say the brand. I think it’s very important to understand the user situation and design the sound accordingly. Audio Skeuomorphism.

The camera shutter is such sound where a 2-year-old kid can also relate to it on the phone, and once the sound is heard all around everyone know that a picture has been taken.


Look at this amazing audio

The sound itself has an amazing experience and when included in the sites & apps, it’s will be amazing when it’s linked with the user interaction. All the sounds that we relate to are in the very nature of the event, so we remember the sound easily and relate to it.

The other example is slack, where we have a clear understanding that a notification has been received and we should address it.



All the interactions add value to user emotions and bring in a positive feeling to your users.

Sound is the greatest communication to bank on and also think of solving some purpose to the product on how we can integrate for the specially-abled people (blind for example) who can use the sound and enjoy the experience.

Recently I heard a whole episode on Netflix using audio description and it’s a pretty amazing feature and it’s solved the core purpose to reach greater audiences, in case you haven’t checked it do check the procedure to try it here.

Every sound has a feeling to it and we connect to it easily and helps to instigate an emotion and move the right chords with your customer.

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