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Why people are leaving facebook

Facebook is the pioneer that introduced social media to people. It opened the gates to connect people across the world and also created trends like Newsfeed, Symbol (Like) and Instant messages which made it unique. Facebook ruled social media for over a decade, but now people started to migrate to other social media applications, let’s explore why?

Problem Statement:

Before reading this blog think “ When was the last time you have signed in to Facebook? ” and compare “ Why your habit of using Facebook has significantly reduced? ”.

There are many areas where Facebook should concentrate on. Things like Repeated cards, cluttered information display in the news feed, Unwanted & Unrecognised information, security issues, etc., which makes the user move on.

Here are the eight UX problems which are taken into consideration.

Problem 1: Cards should not be repeated (like stories, friend suggestions and People you may know). Repetitive of friend suggestions and stories makes the user feel frustrated.


Suggestions on the Right-hand Side.

Facebook blog image 2

Suggestions on the Right-hand Side.

Problem 2: In messenger call, information cannot be deleted in the Mobile version. It would be great if we have edit options in mobile versions also.

Facebook blog image 3

Problem 3: Misplacement of advertisements or irrelevant advertisements in between makes users irritated. There should be a space for advertisements but if they are continuously repeating then what type of user experience you are giving to the users?

Problem 4: Home page unused things have to be put in another location as they are not frequently used. Most of the options were not used by users. In the recently conducted user observations, 10 out of 9 people said they were not using these options.

Facebook blog image 4

Problem 5: Tagging without permissions makes the user uncomfortable. There is an alternative in settings to block them but why the user needs to follow such a lengthy process? If the user is being tagged just send him a notification to Accept or Reject.

Problem 6: Lots of profiles with the same name. There has to be a username/user-id’s like Instagram.

Facebook blog image 5

Problem 7: As the Marketing Business is not a primary moto of facebook but also it is not recognizable. The market place could be prominent, the products and prices are visible directly without any further clicks.

Facebook blog image 6

Problem 8: Security issues like data capturing. Everyone in this world can view your profile but you didn’t receive a single notification who has seen your profile. Sometimes this leads to data misuse. Just think, how far it is safe to keep your data and photos on Facebook?


My point of view is to make you think. Why people are switching to other social sites and why people are feeling frustrated while using Facebook. I expect Facebook to improve on User Experience and User Interface before the last one leaves. Thanks for Reading. Let me know what you think.

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